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Diatomaceous Earth-based Midi-prep
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Einige Methoden der Molekularbiologie
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Embryonic Stem Cell Research at UW-Madison
Experimente im Lexikon Säuren, Laugen und Salze
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PEG precipitation of ds pDNA for fluorescent sequencing
Plant Mol. Bio. Center, Univ. of North. Illinois
Plasmid Miniprep Isolation
Plasmid Preps, PCR, etc.
Polylysine Slide Prep
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Preparation of plasmid DNA for fluorescent sequencing
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Purification of plasmid DNA
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Rapid ethanol-based Coomassie Blue staining of SDS-polyacrylamide gels
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Rubella Page 1-11
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Silanization of microscope slides
Site-directed Mutagenesis using PCR
Solublization of RNA in Formamide
Southern Blot-BM Genius
Southern Blot-BM Genius-CSPD detection
Table of Standard Genetic Code
Technical Protocols -- The Joy of Cloning
Technical Protocols
The Joy of Cloning -- Technical Protocols
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