.??_  Files ending in "_" are often compressed install files of the same
          name (e.g., .EX_ expands to .EXE, .DL_ expands to .DLL, etc.)
  .C    C Program File
        Check Point Site Configuration for Secure Remote
        UNIX Compact File Achive
        Desktop Color Separation Specification Cyan Layer (usually an EPS file)
  .C??  Winace Compressed File (open with WinRAR)
  .C++  C++ Source Code
  .C--  Sphinx C-- Source
  .C00  Ventura Print File
  .C01  Typhoon Wave File
  .C08  Lord Of Destruction Game File (unverified)
  .C2D  IsoBuster File
        WinOnCd CD Image
  .C3D  Chem3D Chemical File
  .C3T  Chem3D Chemical Template File
  .C4   JEDMICS (Joint Engineering Data Management) DoD Engineering Data Format [For-pay Viewer]
        Edmics  [XnView]
  .C4D  Cinema 4D (3D Modeling texturing and animation program)
  .C6   Ashlar-Vellum File
  .C86  C86 C Program
  .C--  Sphinx C-- Source code
  .CA   Telnet Server Initial Cache Data File
        DATAIR FlexPlus Data File
  .CA1  OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Catalog File
        STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .CA2  STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .CA4  Electronics Workbench Circuit
        STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .CA7  Beta 44 Job File
        STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .CAB  Cabinet File (Microsoft installation archive)
        Install Shield v5.x  or 6.x Compressed File (not compatible with MS .CAB files)
  .CAC  dBase IV Executable File
  .CAD  Softdesk Drafix CAD File
  .CAF  Southern Company Terrestrial Data Acq
  .CAG  MS Clip Gallery Catalog File
  .CAL  SuperCalc Worksheet
        Calendar File
        HTML Calendar Maker Pro
        DOS Calendar Creator File
        Cals Raster File [SwiftView]
        Radiance Function File Format
        CALS Raster  [XnView]
  .CALS  CALS Raster  [XnView]
  .CAM  Casio Camera Graphic  [XnView] [IrfanView]
        Camtasia Project/Producer Files (screen recording editor)
  .CAN  Canon Navigator Fax  [XnView]
  .CAP  Ventura Caption
        Network Associates Sniffer Capture File
        Telix Session Capture
        Compressed Music File
  .CAR  AtHome Assistant File
        Carrara Environment
        NeoBook Cartoon  [XnView]
  .CAS  Comma-delimited ASCII File
        i2's Case Notebook Timeline Analysis
        Casio Program
  .CAT  dBase Catalog
        Quicken IntelliCharge Categorization File
        Cognos Impromptu Database Report
        OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Catalog File
        Photomatrix PhotoStudio Graphic  [XnView]
  .CAZ  Computer Associates Archive
  .CB   MS Clean Boot File
        Crystal Button File
        Brief Macro Source Code
  .CBC  CubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System File
  .CBH  ChessBase Chess Database File
  .CBI  IBM Mainframe Column Binary Formatted File
  .CBL  COBOL Program
        Contextual Browsing Language Viewer (usually JavaApplet)
  .CBM  XLib Compiled Bitmap
        Fuzzy Bitmap  [XnView]
  .CBT  Computer Based Training
  .CC   C++ Program File
        Visual dBASE Custom Class File
        dB2K Custom Class File
        Picture Window's Color Curve File (ASCII text file)
  .CC1  Chem3D Cartesian Coordinates 1
        Briggs Softworks Calendar Commander
  .CC2  Chem3D Cartesian Coordinates 2
  .CC5  Calendar Creator 5.x 6.x File
  .CCA  CC:Mail Archive File
        Multimedia Fusion File (multimedia game creation)
  .CCB  Visual Basic Animated Button Configuration
  .CCC  Chat
        Curtain Call Native Bitmap Graphic
  .CCD  CloneCd Related File [Fantom CD Emulator]
        Vector CAD Program File
  .CCE  Calendar Creator 2 Event File
  .CCF  OS/2 Multimedia Viewer Configuration File
        Symphony Communications Configuration File
        Remote Control File (various to include: ProtoProEdit, RAVedit)
        AudioReQuest Control File
  .CCH  Corel Chart
        Fabasoft Components
  .CCL  Intalk Communication Command Language
  .CCM  Lotus CC:Mail Mailbox
  .CCN  Vitalize! Game File  [Played via IE plug-in]
  .CCO  CyberChat Data File
        XBTX BTX Graphics File
  .CCP  C Converter Profiles (construction site management)
  .CCR  Chat Room Shortcut
  .CCS  CONKY CeZaR Stribas International
  .CCT  Macromedia Director Shockwave Cast
        Logic Works Schematic File
        SIL Hebrew Font System Transliteration Table
  .CCX  Corel Compressed Exchange File
  .CD   cdTree Content List
  .CD1  DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Data File
  .CD2  DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Custom Text File
  .CDA  CD Audio Track
  .CDB  Turbo C Database
        Clipboard File
        One Page from a ROM With a View Project File
        CardScan Database
        Nokia 9210/9290 Contact Database (Nokia runs Symbian)
        SymbianOS Contact Database File
        PowerDesigner Conceptual Model Backup File
  .CDC  Chromeleon Driver Configuration Plugin
        Nero File (CD burning/design software)
  .CDD  Chromeleon Device Driver
        Claris Draw v 1.2 Document
  .CDE  Honeywell Hybrid Control Designer (HC900-x Industrial Controllers)
  .CDF  Comma Delimited Format
        Cyberspace Description Format
        MS Channel Definition Format
        InstallShield Components Definition File
        NetCDF Graphic File
  .CDG  DART Karaoke Studio CD+G File (contain only song lyrics and synchronization data)
  .CDI  Phillips Compact Disk Interactive Format
        Disc Juggler File (CD-ROM data)
  .CDJ  Disc Juggler File (CD-ROM data)
  .CDK  Atari Calamus Document
  .CDKEY  Protocol Used in Communicating from MediaRemote Server to PC MediaRemote Plug-in (ASCII text)
  .CDL  CaseWare Working Papers Document Link
        SignLab Vector Graphic
  .CDM  PowerDesigner Conceptual Model File
        Visual dBASE Custom Data Module
  .CDP  CD/Spectrum Pro
  .CDR  Corel Vector Graphic Drawing  [XnView]
        Raw Audio-CD Data
        Sound File [Linux Player]
  .CDS  ChemDraw Stationery Document
  .CDT  Corel Draw Template
        STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .CDU  CDU Paint  [XnView]
  .CDX  Compound Index [File Structure]
        Corel Draw Compressed Drawing
        MS Visual Foxpro Index
        Active Server Document
        ChemDraw Chemical Structure
        Microstation Cell Library Index
  .CDXL  Old Amiga Movie Format
  .CDXML  ChemDraw XML ChemDraw Format
  .CDZ  ROM With a View Project File
  .CE   FarSide Computer Calendar File
        Computer Eyes, Digital Vision  [XnView]
  .CE1  Computer Eyes, Raw  [XnView]
  .CE2  Computer Eyes, Raw  [XnView]
  .CE3  Calendar Creator 3.x 4.x Event List
  .CEG  Continuous Edge Graphic
        Tempra Show Bitmap Graphic
  .CEL  Autodesk Animator Graphic
        CIMFast Event Language File
        Kiss Paper Doll File
        Microstation Cell Library
        Kiss Cel  [XnView]
        Lumena CEL  [XnView]
  .CEM  Empire Earth Game File
  .CEN  Master Tracker Financial Analysis
  .CER  Certificate File
        Sierra Print Artist Certificate
  .CEV  Software License Tracking Tool (CERTAUTH.CEV)
        LOUT Character Encoding File (High-Level Language For Document Formatting)
  .CEX  The Currency Exchanger Rate File
        INMOS Transputer Development System Occam User Program
        ThumbsPlus File (Progressive Multi-image JPEG file)
  .CF   Imake Configuration File
  .CF4  Catfish File Manager Support File
  .CFB  Comptons Multimedia File
  .CFC  Cold Fusion File
  .CFF  Capabilities File for FOUNDATION(tm) Fieldbus H1 (31.25 kbit/s)
  .CFG  Configuration (various)
  .CFH  Capabilities File for FOUNDATION(tm) Fieldbus HSE (100 Mbit/s)
  .CFL  Corel Flowchart File
  .CFM  Corel FontMaster
        Cold Fusion Template File
        Visual dBASE Windows Customer Form
  .CFN  Atari Calamus Font Data File
  .CFO  TCU Turbo C Utilities C Form Object
  .CFP  Complete Fax Portable Fax File
  .CFR  IBM Configurator Report (if you don't have the program ask the sender to export to .RTF for you)
  .CFW  ChemFinder Form
  .CGA  Ventura CGA Screen Characters
  .CGI  Common Gateway Interface Script
  .CGM  Computer Graphics Metafile
  .CGP  NetCaptor CaptorGroup
  .CH   Clipper Header
        OS/2 Configuration File
  .CH3  Harvard Chart (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
  .CH4  Charisma 4.0 Presentation
  .CHA  Adobe Pagemaker Kerning Data
  .CHAT  PIRCH98 Chat File
  .CHD  FontChameleon Font Descriptor
        ChartFX File
  .CHF  pcAnywhere Remote Control File
  .CHI  Chiwriter Document
        Help File Index (typically used when the Help file will stay on a CD-ROM -- .CHI speeds access to the info)
  .CHJ  Help Composer Project
        WordPerfect Temp File
  .CHL  Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
        Configuration History Log
  .CHM  Compiled HTML Help
        ChemDraw Chemical Structure (old format)
  .CHN  Ethnograph Data File
  .CHP  Ventura Publisher Chapter
  .CHQ  Help Combined Full-text Search File (produced when multiple .CHM files are merged)
  .CHR  Character or Font File
  .CHS  Corel WP Chart Style
        ATI Radeon Video Driver File
  .CHT  Cheat Machine Data File
        ChartViewer dBase Interface File
        Harvard Graphics Vector File (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
        ChartFX Template File
  .CI   CitectSCADA File
  .CIF  Ventura Chapter Information
        CalTech Intermediate Graphic
        Easy CD Creator Image
        pcAnywhere Caller File
        Ventura Converted Image File
        Colombo Ipermedia File
        Chip Layout Information
        Crystallographic Information File
  .CIL  Clip Gallery Download Package
  .CIM  Sim City 200 File
        CompuApps Drive Backup Image
        CIMEX Cimpack Design Drawing File
  .CIN  OS/2 Change Control File
        Cinetitler Digital Screen Subtitling
        Kodak Cineon  [XnView]
  .CIP  Ghost Keylogger File
  .CIR  SuperMax E-CAD Save-File Command
        PSpice File
        Flash Color Table
  .CIS  CheckInbox File
  .CIT  Intergraph Scanned Image  [XnView]
  .CIX  TCU Turbo C Utilities Database Index
  .CK1  iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 Data File (.CK1 to .CK6)
  .CKB  Borland C++ Keyboard Mapping File
  .CKD  CADKEY GraphX File Format (ver 2 and above)
  .CKP  Ingres Checkpoint File
  .CKT  Crocodile Clips (Electronic design/physics)
  .CL   Generic LISP Source Code
  .CL3  Easy CD Creator Layout File
  .CL4  Easy CD Creator Layout File
  .CL5  Easy CD Creator Layout File
  .CLA  Java Class File (usually .CLASS but can be shortened)
        CLARION for DOS
  .CLASS  Java Class File
  .CLB  ICQ Contact List
        MS Office XP Developer Code Librarian
        cdrLabel Compact Disc Label
  .CLF  ListPro File
  .CLG  Disk Catalog Database
        Maxagrid CTM Log File (text format)
  .CLK  Corel R.A.V.E. Animation File
  .CLL  Crick Software Clicker File
        OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Custom Library Search
  .CLO  Cloe Ray-Tracer  [XnView]
  .CLOE  Cloe Ray-Tracer  [XnView]
  .CLP  Windows Clipboard/Picture  [IrfanView]
        Quattro Pro Clip Art
        CLIPS/wxCILPS File (C Language Integrated Production System)
        Clipper 5 Compiler Script
        PC Paint/Pictor Page  [XnView]
        GoDot  [XnView]
  .CLR  WinEdit Colorization Word List
        1st Reader Binary Color Screen Image
        PhotStyler Color Definition
        FileMaker Spelling Dictionary
  .CLS  Visual Basic Class Module
        C++ Class Definition
  .CLV  Aladdin Knowledge Systems Vbox Current Language File (software distribution)
  .CLW  Microsoft Visual C++ Class Wizard File
        CLARION Database (DOS & Windows) [CLARION Magazine]
  .CM   Craftman Data File
  .CM2  Curious Labs Poser Camera File
  .CM4  ClipMate Data File
  .CMA  Applix TM1 Database File (text)
  .CMB  Chromeleon Backup Archive
  .CMC  PowerFront File  (part of ShopMind)
  .CMD  OS/2, WinNT Command File
        DOS CP/M Command File
        dBase II Program File
        1st Reader External Command Menu
  .CMF  Creative Music File
        Corel Metafile
  .CMG  Chessmaster Saved Game
  .CMK  Card Shop Plus File
  .CML  Cheat Machine Library File (Windows)
        PADGen Company Info File
  .CMM  CEnvi (ScriptEase:Desktop) Batch File
  .CMO  Virtools Behavioral Server Composition
  .CMP  Leadview Bitmap
        Discorp CMP Image  [XnView]
        Open Access File
        Address Document
        JPEG Bitmap
        CorelDRAW Postscript Printer Header
        Route 66 Address Document
        MS Word for DOS User Dictionary
  .CMQ  Culturemetrics (Personality Profile Analyser)
  .CMR  MediaPlayer Movie
  .CMT  Culturemetrics (Personality Profile Analyser)
        Chinon ES-1000 Digital Camera  [XnView]
  .CMU  Carnegie Mellon Univeristy Stereo Raster Image
        CMU Window Manager  [XnView]
  .CMV  Corel Move Animation
  .CMW  MS Custom Maintenance Wizard File
        COM-Watch (data analyser)
  .CMX  Corel PhotoPaint Image  [XnView]
        Corel Presentation Exchange Image  [XnView]
        The Sims (Maxis) 3D Body Mesh Data
        Apple Viewer File
  .CNC  CNC General Program Data
        Click 'n Create File
  .CND  ControlDraw File
        Embroidery Design File [possibly read with Melco Sizer Software]
  .CNF  Configuration (various)
  .CNM  Windows Application Menu Options and Setup File
  .CNQ  Compuworks Design Shop File
  .CNREG  EULANDA® Warenwirtschaft (ERP) Configuration Information
  .CNREP  EULANDA® ERP System Report Template
  .CNS  W2K Client Connection Manager Export File
  .CNT  Help File Contents (and other contents needs)
  .CNV  MS Word Data Conversion File
        WS_FTP Pro Upload Conversion File Data
        WordPerfect Temporary File
        Canvas versions 6, 7, 8
  .CO   Cult3D ActiveX Player Application
  .COB  COBOL Program File
        Caligari Truespace Format
        TrueSpace2 Object
  .COD  Code List
        Compiler Program Code
  .COD  Multiplan Data File
        dBase Template Source File
        SWAT Input Control File (river basin scale model)
        FORTRAN Compiled Code  [FORTRAN]
        Video Text File
  .COK  Carmageddon Patch File
  .COL  Autodesk Color Palette
        Multiplan Spreadsheet
        Lotus Notes Import Column Description File
  .COM  Command (Executable file)
  .COMPAT  Likely a text file (e.g., README.COMPAT)
  .CON  Knowledgeware Consolidation File
        Tree Professional Conifer Creator File
        Simdir Configuration File
  .CONF  IRC Related Configuration File (IRCDs or EggDrops)
         Linux Configuration File (also UNIX)
  .CONFIG  MS .NET Application Configuration Information
  .COO  Fabasoft Components
  .COP  Tree Professional Conifer Creator Image File
  .COR  Protein Structure File
        Web GPS Correction Server Export File
        WMOVIEC Input File
  .COS  Scarlett Expert System Compiler Query File (Scarlett is not presently available)
  .COV  Fax Cover Page (Win2000 Cover Page Editor)
  .CP   CompuMedic Database (medical billing software)
  .CP8  CP8 256 Gray Scale Image  [XnView]
  .CPA  Colasoft Capsa (network sniffer)
  .CPD  Fax Coversheet
        Corel PrintOffice File
        Complaints Desk Script
  .CPE  Fax Coversheet
  .CPF  Complete Fax File
  .CPG  3dize® Cool Page File
  .CPH  Corel Print House Image
  .CPI  Code Page Information
        ColorLab Image
        Calamus  [XnView]
  .CPJ  CeQuadrant CD Project
        Commotion File (compositing software tool)
  .CPL  Control Panel Extension
        Corel Color Palette
        Compel Presentation
  .CPN  Age of Empires II Campaign File
  .CPO  Corel Print House File
  .CPP  Borland C++ Builder 6
        CA-Cricket Presents Presentation
        Maya File
  .CPR  Corel Presents Presentation
        Knowledge Access Graphics
        INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Program Code Fold
  .CPS  Antivirus Checksum File
        Central Point PC Tools Backup
        Colored PostScript File
        Classroom Performance System File
  .CPT  Macintosh Compressed File
        Corel Photo-Paint Image  [XnView] [IrfanView]
        Jasc After Shot (Image Expert 2000 taken over by Jasc from SierraImaging)
        dBase Encrypted Memo
        CA Cricket Presents Template
  .CPT6  Corel Photo-Paint Image  [IrfanView]
  .CPX  Control Panel Applet
        Code Page Translation File
        CryptaPix Encrypted Image
        Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed Drawing
  .CPY  Copy Books Data File
        Atari Ramdrive CPY Commands
        Flexus COBOL Definitions (function, element and value properties associated with a control)
  .CPZ  COMPOZ Music Text
  .CR   CRiSP Source Code
  .CR2  Curious Labs Poser Character File
  .CR4  STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .CR7  STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .CRA  Personal Craft Factory File (no longer supported--GraphicCorp bought by Corel)
  .CRD  Cardfile (Windows 3.x Database)
        Guitar Chord File [On-line Guitar Archive] (Usually an ASCII text file)
  .CRF  Zortech C++ Cross-Reference File
        Database Cross-Reference File
        OM2Cipher Recipient File
        Sierra Print Artist Craft
        System Shock 2 Archive  [Dragon UnPACKer]
        Thief 2: The Metal Age Archive  [Dragon UnPACKer]
        Thief: The Dark Project Archive  [Dragon UnPACKer]
  .CRG  Calamus  [XnView]
  .CRH  MS Golf Image File
        Links Games Course File
  .CRK  Crack File (differences between original and cracked files) [Need proper version of CRK.EXE to open]
  .CRL  Certificate Revocation List
  .CRM  Capital Research Vendor Bid System
  .CRP  dBase Encrypted Database
        Visual dBASE Custom Report
        Corel Presents Run-Time Presentation
  .CRS  WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows File Conversion Resource
        Links Games Course File
        Gold Game Course File
  .CRT  Certificate File
        Oracle Terminal Settings Info
        UNIX Crontab File (not a required extension for Crontab)
  .CRU  CRUSH Compressed Archive
  .CRW  Canon Raw Format (Image)  [XnView] [ACDSee 4.0]
  .CRX  Links Games Course File
  .CRY  Crypto Chat II Encrypted Notebook-content
  .CRZ  Links Games Course File
  .CS   C#.NET Source File
  .CSA  Comma Deliminated Text
        Ultimate Ride Roller Coaster
  .CSB  Corel Photo-Paint Script
        CircuitSoft Viewer (a module of EMSI Complete) - (Unverified)
  .CSC  Corel Script
  .CSD  Bitstream Fontware File
        Chemsoft® MSDS Database File
        Embroidery Design File [possibly read with Melco Sizer Software]
  .CSF  Van Dyke's CRT/SecureCRT Script File
        GeoMedia Coordinate System File
  .CSG  Statistica Graph File
  .CSH  Hamilton Labs C Shell Script File
  .CSI  Cyberautograph Signed Item
  .CSK  Claris Works
  .CSM  Borland C++ Symbol File
        Borland C++ 4.5 Precompiled Header
        Kodak DC265 Camera Script
  .CSN  Dreamweaver MX's Snippet
  .CSP  PC Emcee On-Screen Image
        CaseWare Working Papers Script Page
  .CSQ  Foxpro Queries
  .CSS  Hypertext Cascading Style Sheet
        Stats+ Datafile
        Statistica Datasheet
  .CST  Macromedia Director Cast File
  .CSV  Comma-Separated Variables
        CompuShow Adjusted EGA/VGA Palette
  .CT   Scitex CT Handshake Bitmap  [XnView]
        Iris CT Graphic  [XnView]
  .CT0  Maxagrid CTM File Being Processed (text format)
  .CT1  Maxagrid CTM File Successfully Processed (text format)
  .CT2  Maxagrid CTM File Unsuccessfully Processed (text format)
  .CTB  NoteTab Clipbar
  .CTC  PC Installer Control
  .CTD  Cobra Track Dump (COmBined Reconstruction for Atlas)
        Cardtable File (text file)
        Marine Data File (e.g., automatic float data)
        Simpsons Cartoon Studio Export File
  .CTF  TIFF Compressed File
        WhereIsIt Catalog
        Symphony Character Code Translation
        MGI PhotoSuite 1.0/8.0 Album File
        Calculator Text Format
  .CTG  Cartridge Definition File
        ChessBase Opening Book
        Canon Powershot Pro 70 Info File
  .CTL  Setup Information (various)
        User Control (various)
  .CTM  FreeBSD Content Management File
        Java Charge Transaction Matrix File
        Crazytalk Talking Animation File
        Maxagrid CTM File (text format)
        SDR99 Speech Recognition Task Time Marked Conversation Input
        Content Delivery Service  (Web site pending as of Feb 2002)
  .CTP  American Greetings Greeting Cards
        ChemDraw Template
  .CTT  Hotmail List of E-mail Contacts
        LabView File
  .CTX  Compressed Text
        Visual Basic User Control Binary File
        Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Ciphertext File
        MS Online Course Text
        Chinese Character Input File
  .CTY  SimCity City File
  .CUB  OLAP Cube File (definition for SQL Server, any OLE DB, or ODBC-compliant database)
  .CUE  MS Cue Cards Data
        Description File for a CD-Image [Fireburner.com or Goldenhawk.com] or [Fantom CD Emulator]
  .CUF  Turbo C Utilities Form Definition
  .CUL  IconForge/ImageForge Cursor Library
  .CUP  OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Catalog Library Update
  .CUR  Cursor  Microangelo  [IrfanView]
  .CURSOR  Sun Icon/Cursor  [XnView]
  .CURXPTHEME  Cursor XP File (changes look & function of mouse cursor)
  .CUT  Dr. Halo Bitmap Graphic  [XnView]
        INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Utility Package
        Utilitaires (multiple utilities)
  .CV   Corel Versions Archive
        MS CodeView Information
  .CV4  Codeview Colors
  .CV5  Canvas version 5
  .CVA  Compaq Diagnostics
  .CVG  Image File
  .CVP  WinFax Cover Page
        Portrait  [XnView]
  .CVR  WinFax Cover Sheet
        ElectraSoft Fax Cover Sheet
  .CVS  Canvas Drawing File
        Outlook Express File
        Sound File [Linux Player]
  .CVT  dBase Converted Database
  .CVW  Codeview Colors
  .CW3  Crossword Construction Kit Puzzle Group
        Claris Works Win 3 Document (now Filemaker)
        Chem Draw Molecular Structure  (Lewis structures, orbitals and lab apparatuses)
  .CWB  WebNote Document
  .CWD  StarDraft CWAD File (StarCraft Editor)
  .CWE  Crossword Express
  .CWK  Claris Works Data also see AppleWorks
  .CWS  Claris Works Template also see AppleWorks
  .CWW  Crossword Weaver File
  .CXE  Common XML Envelope
  .CXT  Macromedia Director Protected Cast File
        Vegas Jackpot Gold Game Data File
  .CXX  Zortech C++ Program
  .CYN  Cynex Root55 Program Extension
  .CYP  Cypherus Encrypted Archive