.??_  Files ending in "_" are often compressed install files of the same
          name (e.g., .EX_ expands to .EXE, .DL_ expands to .DLL, etc.)
  .E    Specman Testbench E-program Source File
  .E00  ArcInfo Coverage Export File (GIS-related text file)
  .E01  Encase Forensic Software
  .E2   thinkdesign CAD Design
  .E3   thinkdesign CAD Design
  .E48  Emu48 HP48 Emulator File
  .E78  IBM 3270 Terminal Emulator Screen Layout Definition
  .EAC  EmEditor Auto Completion File
  .EAF  Aframe File (suite of generic testing and assessment software)
        MicroEmacs Abbreviation File Format
        FRAGSTATS*ARC File (Landscape Structure/Spatial Pattern Analysis for ARC/INFO)
  .EAL  Enfocus Action List
  .EAR  Java Enterprise Application Packaging Unit
  .EAS  Elite Visual Basic API Spy (Use care entering this site)
  .EAZ  Express Assist File
  .EBF  Pocket PC WindowsCE Form File
        EARS Definition Backup (EARS = UK Liberal Democrats Election Agents Record System)
  .EBJ  Geoworks Error Checking Object File
  .EBK  EARS Database Backup (EARS = UK Liberal Democrats Election Agents Record System)
  .EBO  Microsoft Reader Ebook Format
  .EBP  Pocket PC WindowsCE Project File
  .EBS  WindowsXP Scanner File
  .EBX  Electronic Book Exchange (Open Source) [Adobe reader]
  .ECA  electroCAD File
  .ECC  Ecchi Role-playing Format (Generally X-rated Anime File)  [XnView]
  .ECF  WinFax Office Add-in File
        MS Outlook Add-in File
  .ECO  NetManage ECCO File [Alternate site]
  .ECR  Ecrypt E-mail File
  .ECS  Encrypted Compressed GIS Software Geographic Shape File  [GIS info]
  (ArcView, et.al.) (JShape/FShape)
  .ECW  Ensoniq Waveset Format
        EclipseCrossword Crossword Puzzle
        Enhanced Compressed Wavelet  [XnView]
  .ECW2002PUZZLE  EclipseCrossword Puzzle
  .ECW2002WORDS  EclipseCrossword Word List
  .ED   EasyDraw CAD File (Japanese CAD program)
  .ED5  EDMICS Graphics File
  .ED6  EDMICS Graphics File
  .EDA  Ensoniq ASR Disk Image
  .EDB  ROOTS3 Geneological Data
  .EDC  Kryptel (light) Decoder/Encoder
  .EDD  FrameMaker Element Definition Document
  .EDE  Ensoniq EPS Disk Image
  .EDF  Workshare Synergy Document Change Management
  .EDK  Ensoniq KT Disk Image
  .EDL  Edit Decision List (management for video and film post production)
  .EDM  CAD Contouring Parameter Data File
        Extinction Corrected Differential Photometry
  .EDML  Dreamweaver MX Extension File
  .EDN  EDIF Netlist File (Xilinx ISE FPGA Compiler)
  .EDP  Attachmate Extra! Session
  .EDQ  Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 Disk Image
  .EDS  Ensoniq SQ80 Disk Image
  .EDT  VAX Edt Default Settings
  .EDV  Ensoniq VFX-SD Disk Image
  .EEB  WordPerfect Equation Editor Button Bar
        EaseBook File (Word add-on for writing books and articles in XML)
  .EES  Empire Earth Scenario File [SCN Punk Site]
  .EFA  Ensoniq ASR File
  .EFC  EFCoins File
  .EFD  EARS Filter Definition (EARS = UK Liberal Democrats Election Agents Record System)
  .EFDEMO  Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Demo File  [Viewer]
  .EFE  Ensoniq EPS File
  .EFF  IEEP TeamBG File (modify Infinity Engine games)
        EverQuest Effects File
  .EFK  Ensoniq KT File
  .EFQ  Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 File
  .EFS  Ensoniq SQ80 File
  .EFT  Chiwriter High Res Screen Characters
  .EFV  Ensoniq VFX-SD File
  .EFX  eFax.com Fax Document (Used to be JetFax in 1999)
  .EGA  Ventura EGA Screen Characters
  .EGD  GIS Software Encrypted Grid Shape File  [GIS info]
  (ArcView, et.al.) (JShape/FShape)
  .EGS  GIS Software Encrypted Grid Shape File  [GIS info]
  (ArcView, et.al.) (JShape/FShape)
  .EHTML  Enhanced HTML
  .EI   Electric Image  [XnView]
        EARS Component File (EARS = UK Liberal Democrats Election Agents Record System) [Filename starts with E]
  .EID  Faena MyID Encrypted File
        IBM ViaVoice Vocabulary File
  .EIDI  Electric Image  [XnView]
  .EK5  Simrad EK500 Scientific Echosounder Data [Use Echoview to analyze]
  .EK6  Simrad EK60 Scientific Echosounder Data [Use Echoview to analyze]
  .EKM  EXP: The Scientific Word Processor Macro
  .EL   eMacs Lisp Source Code
  .ELC  eMacs Lisp Byte-compiled Source Code
  .ELD  EARS Label Definition (EARS = UK Liberal Democrats Election Agents Record System)
  .ELETTERHEAD  Electronic Letterhead
  .ELF  Black Belt Systems Extended Layer File
        Tasklink for Windows Machine Control Executable and Linking Format
  .ELG  EARS Log (EARS = UK Liberal Democrats Election Agents Record System)
  .ELI  Encyclopedia Article List
  .ELL  ATI Radeon Video Driver File
  .ELM  MS FrontPage Theme-Pack File [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
  .ELOG  McAffee Firewall Log
  .ELT  Event List Text
  .EM1  Emax I Bank File
  .EM2  Emax II Bank File
  .EMAIL  Outlook Express Mail Message [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
          (Rename to .EML to access in OE but beware of viruses and worms)
  .EMB  Everest Embedded Bank File
        IEMBL Nucleotide Format (MIME type chemical/x-embl-dl-nucleotide)
  .EMBL  IEMBL Nucleotide Format (MIME type chemical/x-embl-dl-nucleotide)
  .EMD  ABT Extended Module
  .EMF  Extended Windows Metafile Format  [IrfanView]
  .EML  MS Outlook Express Electronic Mail [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
          Note: .EML files with "funny" names in multiple folders implies the Nimda worm.
  .EMM  EARS Mail Merge Definition (EARS = UK Liberal Democrats Election Agents Record System)
  .EMR  Emrite (Wordprocessor file)
  .EMS  PC Tools Enhanced Menu System Config
        YoshimuraEMS Motorcycle Fuel Injection
  .EMU  Emulation
  .EMX  Enigmacross Puzzle File (Develop professional acrostic puzzles)
        Emax System File
  .EMY  Eericsson Ringtone
  .EMZ  Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile (MS graphic format for Office and Visio)
  .ENC  UUENCODE Encoded File
        Video File
        BlackIce Evidence Log File
        Knowledgeware Encyclopedia
        Encore Music File
        Dungeon Related File (created by ID software - tied to .DNG file)
  .END  Corel Arrow Definition
  .ENF  RightClick-Encrypt File
        EndNote Filter File
  .ENG  Dictionary
        Sprint Dictionary Engine File
        EnerGrahics Chart Graphics File
  .ENL  Endnote Library File (for research papers)
  .ENR  Enroute Toolath
  .ENS  EndNote Styles File
  .ENT  Entrust Entelligence Secured File
  .ENU  ATI Radeon Video Driver File
  .ENV  WordPerfect Environment
        WOPR Enveloper Macro
        Acrobat Spelling File
        Sierra Print Artist Envelope
        The Golem Project Environment File
  .ENW  Sierra LandDesigner 3D Terrain Modeling
  .ENZ  EndNote Connection File
  .EOT  MS WEFT Embedded OpenType File
  .EP   Bonas Jaquard EP Weave Format File
  .EP2  EclipsePackager Package
  .EPA  Award BIOS Logo  [XnView]
  .EPD  Express Publisher Publication File
        EARS Printer Definition (EARS = UK Liberal Democrats Election Agents Record System)
  .EPI  Express Publisher Document File
        EclipsePackager Invoice
        EPS Interchange Format  [XnView]
  .EPL  Tallyman E-commerce Software?
  .EPP  EditPad Pro Project
  .EPR  Eiffel Project Repository
  .EPS  Encapsulated PostScript  [XnView] [IrfanView]
        Ventura Printer Font
  .EQL  DART Pro 98 Fabric Equalization Presets
  .EQN  WordPerfect Equation
  .ER1  ERWin File
  .ERD  Entity Relationship Diagram
  .ERI  Entis Rasterized Image (ERI-chan)  [XnView]
  .ERM  Entity Relationship Diagram Model
  .ERP  British Economics & Social Research Council Electronic Form
  .ERR  Error Log (various - many associated with install programs)
  .ERS  EARS Control File (EARS = UK Liberal Democrats Election Agents Record System)
  .ERX  ERWin File
  .ES   EasySIGN Drawing Sheet
  .ESF  Emblaze Audio File
  .ESH  Extended Shell Batch File
  .ESI  Esri Plot File
  .ESL  MS Visual FoxPro Distributable Support Library
  .ESM  Enhanced Simplex  [XnView]
  .ESP  Ventura File
        ACD/CurveManager Analysis File
        Ethos System Analysis File
        ACD Analysis File (Advanced Chemistry Development)
        E$Planner File
  .ESR  4D Database Windows Procedure
  .ESS  EXP: The Scientific Word Processor Style Sheet
  .EST  MS Streets & Trips 2001 Trip File
  .ESY  EmEditor Syntax File
  .ET2  Electronic Tax Return Security File (Australian taxes)
  .ETA  eTreppid Audio File (eTplayer & ETVC media CODEC)
  .ETB  Seismograph File (compressed?)
  .ETC  eTreppid Compressed File
        Seismograph File
  .ETH  Ethnograph Document File
  .ETM  eTreppid Audio File (eTplayer & ETVC media CODEC)
  .ETV  eTreppid Audio File (eTplayer & ETVC media CODEC)
  .ETX  SetText Structure Enhanced Text
  .EUC  Japanese (Kanji)
  .EUI  Ensoniq EPS Family Compacted Disk Image
  .EUK  Euklides Dynamic Geometry
  .EUM  Euklides Dynamic Geometry
  .EUS  EDonkey2000 Serverlist Tool
  .EV   EchoView File (sonar fishing data)
        EV8 File (Virtual Reality applications)
  .EV2  Java File
  .EV3  EVERLOCK Options File
  .EV6  EV8 File (Virtual Reality applications)
  .EVA  Viz Modeler 3D Scene Archive (used for TV graphics)
  .EVB  Embedded Visual Basic File (used on Pocket PCs) [Developer info]
  .EVC  EchoView Color Scheme (Echocolor-created data)
  .EVI  EchoView Index File (speed up processing of echosounder data)
  .EVL  EchoView Line File (echosounder time/depth coordinates)
  .EVR  EchoView Region File (echosounder time/depth coordinates)
  .EVT  PC Tools Event File Scheduler
        MS WinNT/2000 Event Viewer Log File
  .EVY  Envoy Document
  .EWB  Electronics Workbench
  .EWD  Express Publisher for Windows Document
  .EWL  MS Encarta Document
        EclipseCrossword Word List
  .EWP  QuickCog Project File
  .EWS  QuickCog Sample Set File
  .EX   EPM Macro File (software install)
        Euphoria File (Programming language)
  .EX2  PC Doctor File (HP computer - unverified)
  .EX3  Harvard Device Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
  .EX^  Norton Live Update File
  .EX_  Compressed .EXE File in an Install Archive
  .EXC  QEMM Exclude File
        REXX Program
        MS Word Exclusion Dictionary [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
        Text Document
  .EXD  Control Information Cache
  .EXE  Executable File
        Out-of-process Code Component Used by COM Clients (Component Object Model)
        Settlers IV Saved Game
  .EXF  Fuji EXIF Format File (Any JPEG viewer should view) [File Format (PDF)]
  .EXM  HP Calculator Executable
  .EXP  ICQ Saved Chat File
        Embroidery Design File [possibly read with Melco Sizer Software]
  .EXT  Norton Commander Extension File
        WS-FTP ASCII Binary Transfer File
        E-mail Text Attachment (unverified)
        Extinction Corrected Photometry
  .EXU  Euphoria File (Programming language)
  .EXW  Euphoria File (Programming language)
  .EXX  IBM LinkWay MsgPut Intermediate File
  .EYB  Encyclopedia Yearbook File
  .EYE  Glass Eye File (stained glass window design)
  .EZC  EZScreen Screen Saver Editor
  .EXF  Calculus EZ-Fax Fax
  .EZM  Text File (From some mailing lists)
  .EZP  Edify Electronic Workforce Backup Utility
  .EZS  Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet Document
  .EZT  Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet Template
  .EZX  WHAP File