.??_  Files ending in "_" are often compressed install files of the same
          name (e.g., .EX_ expands to .EXE, .DL_ expands to .DLL, etc.)
  .L    LEX Program File
        Link Instructions
        LISP Program File
        Cliq Accessories Datebook Lock File [Linux Suite PDF Description]
  .LA   Lightscape Animation
  .LAB  Mailing Labels
        NCSS Data File
  .LAD  Daylon Leveller Animation Data
  .LAR  Liquid Audio Player Registration File
  .LAT  Crossword Express Lattice File
  .LAV  Liquid Audio Player Voucher File
  .LAVS  Liquid Audio Player Streaming Voucher File
  .LAY  Applause Word Chart Layout
        Lightscape Layer State
        Track Builder Simulation Compiler Code (Railroad centralized traffic control simulations)
        MiTek Engineering File
  .LBA  Liberty BASIC File
  .LBG  dBase IV Label Generator
  .LBI  Dreamweaver Library File
  .LBK  VersaPro Local Logic Block Backup
  .LBL  Labels (various)
  .LBM  Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint  [XnView] [IrfanView]
        XLib Linear Bitmap Graphic
  .LBO  dBase IV Ordered Labels
  .LBR  Compressed Archive File
        Lotus 1-2-3 Display Driver
        Omnis7 Application File
  .LBS Omnis Studio Application File
  .LBT  Foxpro Label Memo
  .LBX  Foxpro Label
  .LBXADD  Libronix DLS Addin
  .LBXALV  Logos Bible Software Series X Passage In All Versions
  .LBXCBV  Logos Bible Software Series X Copy Bible Verses Style
  .LBXCIT  Libronix DLS Citation Format
  .LBXCMP  Libronix DLS Company Information
  .LBXCOL  Libronix DLS Resource Collection
  .LBXCTB  Libronix DLS Custom Toolbar
  .LBXDAT  Libronix DLS Data File
  .LBXDTP  Libronix DLS Data Type
  .LBXLBK  Libronix DLS License Backup
  .LBXLIC  Libronix DLS Licenses File
  .LBXLLS  Libronix DLS Resource (LLS Format)
  .LBXNOT  Libronix DLS Notes
  .LBXOEB  Libronix DLS Resource (OEB Format)
  .LBXPDF  Libronix DLS Resource (PDF Format)
  .LBXPLN  Logos Bible Software Series X Bible Reading Plan
  .LBXPLV  Logos Bible Software Series X Parallel Bible Versions
  .LBXPRF  Libronix DLS Preferences
  .LBXRAS  Libronix DLS Resource Association
  .LBXRTP  Libronix DLS Resource Type
  .LBXSHL  Libronix DLS Shell
  .LBXUPD  Libronix DLS Update Script
  .LBXVRS  Logos Bible Software Series X Verse List
  .LBXWKS  Libronix DLS Workspace
  .LBZ  Leibniz Mathematical Word Processor
  .LCD  CDspace CD Emulator
  .LCF  Linker Control File
  .LCH  PagePath Technologies LAUNCH! File
  .LCK  MS Frontpage-related File [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
        Paradox Lock File
        Adobe Pagemaker Database File
  .LCL  FTP Software Data
  .LCN  WordPerfect Dictionary File
  .LCS  ACT! History File
  .LCW  Lucid 3-D Spreadsheet
  .LD   Telix Long Distance Codes
  .LD1  dBase Overlay File
  .LDA  LaserData  [XnView]
  .LDB  MS Access Lock File [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
        TrueVector Log Database
        Settler for Windows Temporary File
  .LDD  Laser Dispatch Data
  .LDF  LuraDocument File  [XnView] [IrfanView]
        Geoworks Glue Library Definition
        MS SQL Server Transaction Log File
  .LDL  Corel Paradox Delivered Library
        OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Download Request
  .LDR  LDraw Model File
  .LDS  Laser Dispatch Script
        Trane Trace Load
  .LEG  Legacy Graphic Format
  .LEN  PlatePrep (output on flexo plates)
  .LEP  Label and Envelope Designer Plus 2000
  .LES  Learn Lesson File
        Mklesson Lesson File
        Logitech Entertainment Game Profile
  .LET  Letter
  .LEV  Worms Armageddon Map
        Worms World Party Map
        NetHack Level File
  .LEX  Lexicon (dictionary file - many)
        Lexmark Printer Install File
  .LFA  LifeForm File
  .LFF  LucasFilm Format  [XnView]
  .LFL  LucasFilm Library
  .LFM  LifeForm File
  .LFP  LifeForm File
  .LFQ  LeechFTP Queue File [also see BitBeamer]
  .LFT  Chiwriter Laser Printer Font
        3D Studio Loft File
  .LFXM  FaceMail Text to Speech E-mail (Site Requires Application Download!)
  .LG   Logo Procedure Definition
  .LGC  Program Use Log File (for Windows Program Use Optimization)
  .LGF  legal Eagle Text File
  .LGO  MS Windows Logo Driver
        SuperFax Header/Footer Logo
  .LGP  Logotron SuperLogo File
  .LGT  Urban Chaos Game File
        The Sims (Maxis) Lighting File
  .LHA  Compressed Archive File (LZH format; LHA.EXE)
        Compressed Archive File (LHARC.EXE)
        Compressed Archive File (LHARK.EXE)
  .LHS  Literate Haskell Source File
  .LHW  Compressed Amiga Archive File
  .LHZ  LHA Compressed Archive File
  .LIB  Program Library (diverse programmers' languages and installers)
        Greeting Card Library (e.g., KEY Greeting Card Designer)
        Library Used by an Application (e.g., EndNote Library)
  .LIC  License File (various Shareware)
  .LID  WinDVD File
  .LIF  Compressed Archive File
        HP Logical Interchange Format File
        Homeworld Texture  [XnView]
  .LIM  Limit Compressed Archive
  .LIN  AutoCAD Line Art
        VAX Program Listing
  .LIQ  CollegeBAR Bartending Software Liquor Cabinet
  .LIS  VAX Program Listing
        Structured Query Reporting (SQR) Output
  .LIT  MS Reader EBook File
  .LIV  LiveMotion SWF Movie (also called Bigshot Movie)
  .LIVEREG  Symantec Norton Anti-Virus Update Session
  .LIVESUBSCRIBE  Symantec Norton Anti-Virus Update Catalog
  .LIVEUPDATE  Symantec Norton Anti-Virus Update File
  .LIX  Libronix DLS Resource (LLS 2.x Index)
        Extend Simulation Library File
  .LJ   Text File for HP LJ II Printer
  .LKO  MS Outlook Express Linked Object [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
  .LKS  WinAmp Links File
  .LL3  LapLink III Document File
  .LLB  LabView File
  .LLC  LapLink Saved Connection File
  .LLP  VersaPro Local Logic Block
        Digital Chart of the World Data File
  .LLT  Digital Chart of the World Data File
  .LLX  Laplink Exchange Agent
  .LM8  Picture File
  .LMD  Tune Smithy List of Modes for a Musical Scale
  .LML  LOGML File (Log Markup Language)
  .LMU  RPG Maker 2000 (map included in an RPG game)
  .LNB  Logomanager File
  .LND  3D Landscape Data
  .LNG  Diablo II File
        NRG SDR Language File
  .LNK  Linker File
        Windows Shortcut File
  .LMP  Quake File
  .LNS  LinkStash Bookmark File
  .LOC  Suppose Locations File
  .LOD  Load File (various)
  .LOG  Log File (many different programs - usually an ASCII text file)
  .LOGONXP  LogonStudio File (customizes the WindowsXP Logon screen)
  .LOK  FileWrangler/ZipWrangler/SecurDesk! Encrypted Archive
  .LP   LP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC File
        Lightscape Preparation File
        FlexRip/B (Print Control and Press Behavior)
  .LP3  Hansen Software Label Printer (ver 1.0 - 2.1)
  .LP4  Hansen Software Label Printer (ver 3.x)
  .LPA  LPA-View Laser Particle Analyser Test Analysis Software
  .LPB  LP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC File
  .LPC  Teko Printer Driver
  .LPD  Helix Nuts and Bolts File (Helix Software now part of McAfee)
        Avery Label Pro
  .LPI  Live Pictures
  .LPN  LVPlan - Planification of Low Voltage Aerial Distribution Networks
  .LQF  Leech FTP Save Queue File
  .LQP  Liquid Audio Player Passport File
  .LQT  Winamp File
        Liquid Audio Player File
  .LRC  Intel Video Phone File
  .LRF  MS C/C++ Linker Response File
  .LRM  Microsoft Encarta Class Server Learning Resource
  .LRS  WordPerfect Language Resource File
        Daylon Leveller Rendition Style (data used for visualizing heightfields)
  .LS   Lightscape Solution File
        Freeware Dictionary Project Data File
  .LS1  OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Library Listing
  .LSA  Liquid Audio Player Skin File
  .LSC  Tune Smithy List of Muscial Scales
  .LSD  RPG Maker 2000 Saved Game File
  .LSE  Nokia Audio Manager
  .LSF  Streaming Audio/Video File
        Libronix DLS Resource (LLS 2.x)
  .LSG  MS LocStudio Glossary
  .LSL  Corel Paradox Saved Library
        Lotus Script Library
        Daylon Leveller Shape List (3D geometry for heightfield vector objects)
  .LSO  Logic Audio File
  .LSP  LISP Program File
  .LSQ  VAX CRYSTALS Chemical Crystallogaphy File
        CalTech PaleoMag Least Squares Format
  .LSR  Logos Library System 2.x Standard Reference Definition
  .LSS  Legato Spreadsheet
  .LST  Listing or List (e.g., packing list)
        PowerPoint File [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
        Ingres Dump List File
        OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Library Listing
        1st Reader Keyboard Macro
        Oracle Spool File
        Family Tree Maker Error File
  .LSX  Streaming Audio/Video Shortcut
  .LT2  Curious Labs Poser Lighting File
  .LTG  Lasertank Bitmap Graphics
  .LTH  Sierra Print Artist Letterhead
  .LTM  Lotus Form
  .LTR  Letter
        ACT! (DOS version) Letter File
  .LTT  SDR99 Speech Recognition Task Lexical TREC Transcription
        HP Library and Tape Tools Log File
  .LU   ThoughtWing Library Unit File
  .LUA  Lua Source
  .LUL  OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Upload
  .LUP  OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Library Update
  .LVL  Parallax Miner Descent/D2 Level Extension
        Lasertank Level
        Max Payne Uncompiled Level File [Added Info]
  .LVP  Lucent Voice Player (Intuity Audix Multimedia Messaging System)
        LView Pro  [XnView]
  .LVS  Daylon Leveller Selection Mask
  .LVW  Daylon Leveller View File
  .LW3  Lightwright File (spreadsheet/database to manage professional lighting design paperwork)
  .LWA  LightWorks Archive (LWA) Material/Scene File
  .LWC  Living Word Commentaries Bible File
  .LWD  LotusWorks Text Document
  .LWF  LuraWave-compressed Graphic File  [XnView] [IrfanView]
  .LWI  LightWorks Image  [XnView]
  .LWO  NewTek Lightwave® Object
  .LWP  Lotus Wordpro 96/97 File
  .LWS  NewTek Lightwave® Object Layout
  .LWV  MS Linguistically Enhanced Sound File
  .LYR  DataCAD Layer File
        Song Lyric File [On-line Guitar Archive]
  .LYT  TurboTax Log File
        SignMaking Application Extension
  .LYX  LyX (WYSIWYM document processor)
  .LZD  Binary Difference File
  .LZH  Compressed Archive File (LHARK.EXE)
        Compressed Archive File (LHARC.EXE)
  .LZS  Compressed Archive File
        Skyroads Data File
  .LZW  Compressed Amiga Archive File
  .LZX  Compressed File