.??_  Files ending in "_" are often compressed install files of the same
          name (e.g., .EX_ expands to .EXE, .DL_ expands to .DLL, etc.)
 .PMD  Pagemaker File
  .PME  Plazmic Media Engine File
  .PMF  ArcReader GIS Mapping File
  .PMG  Pagemaker Group File (EPS graphic)
        Paint Magic  [XnView]
  .PMI  Pegasus Mail Message Folder Index File
  .PML  NT4 Performance Monitor Log File
        Pegasus Mail Distribution List
        PADGen Program Information
        Windows Performance Monitor File
  .PMM  Pegasus Mail Mail Message Folder
        Amaris BTX/2 Program
  .PMO  Print Master Gold Text
  .PMP  Sony DSC-F1 Cyber-shot [Acdsee]  [XnView]
  .PMR  Windows Performance Monitor File
  .PMW  Windows Performance Monitor File
  .PN3  Harvard Printer Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
  .PND  DATAIR Pension System Pending File
  .PNF  Precompiled Setup Information (Temporary file seen during installs)
  .PNG  Portable (Public) Network Graphic (proposed GIF replacement)  [XnView] [IrfanView]
        PaintShop Pro Browser
        Fireworks Image File
  .PNL  PEERNET Label Designer File
  .PNM  PBM Portable Any Map Graphic  [XnView]
  .PNR  PEERNET Label Designer File
  .PNS  PEERNET Label Designer File
  .PNT  MacPaint Bitmap Graphic  [XnView]
        Paperport Thumbsview
        MarkMail Qwk Reader Pointers
        World Data Bank II Country Data File (derived from CIA data)
  .PNTG  MacPaint Bitmap Graphic  [XnView]
  .PNU  PEERNET Label Designer File
  .PO2  STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .PO3  STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .PO5  STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .POC  PocoScript File
  .POD  Terminal Velocity Archive  [Dragon UnPACKer]
  .POG  Descent2 File
  .POH  Optimized Geoworks .GOH File
  .POL  Music File
        AscToHTM Policy File
        Windows Policy File
  .POLICY  Java Policy File
  .POO  Poo Patrol Game File (unverified)
  .POP  dBase Popup Menu
        PopMail Message Index
  .POS  ProCite Output Styles
        QuickPOS IIF File (see IIF above)
  .POT  PowerPoint Template [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
  .POV  Persistence of Vision Ray-tracer
  .POW  PowerChords Chord Chart
  .PP   Compressed Amiga Archive File
  .PP2  Curious Labs Poser Prop File
  .PP4  Picture Publisher
  .PP5  Picture Publisher
  .PPA  PowerPoint Add-in [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
  .PPB  WordPerfect Print Preview Button Bar
  .PPD  PostScript Printer Description
  .PPF  Turtle Beach Pinnacle Program File
        Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 Preset File
        Micrografx Picture Publisher File (Micrografx now part of Corel)
        PlayStation Patch File
  .PPG  MS PowerPoint Ppresentation
        Professor Franklin's Photo Print Gold
  .PPI  MS PowerPoint Graphics File [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
  .PPJ  Adobe Premiere Video Editing File
  .PPL  Harvard Polaroid Palette Plus ColorKey Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
  .PPM  PBM Portable Pixelmap Graphic  [XnView] [IrfanView]
  .PPMA  Portable Bitmap  [XnView]
  .PPO  Clipper Preprocessor Output
  .PPP  Serif PagePlus Publication
        Enfocus Preflight Profile
        Parson Power Publisher
        Punk Productions Picture  [XnView]
  .PPR  Cognos PowerPlay OLAP Multidimensional Cube
  .PPRINT  Pics Print File
  .PPS  PowerPoint Slideshow  [XnView] [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
  .PPT  PowerPoint Presentation  [XnView] [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
  .PPX  Serif PagePlus Publication
        Cognos PowerPlay OLAP Reporting
  .PPZ  PowerPoint Packaged Presentation [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
  .PQ   Adobe Pagemaker Default Printer Style
  .PQA  Palm Query Application File (database for wireless access)
  .PQI  Power Quest Drive Imaging Software
  .PQW  Corel Presentations 9 Runtime
  .PQX  Power Quest DRive Image Index
  .PR   EROSION 3D Precipitation Parameters [Format (pdf)]
        Sun Icon/Cursor  [XnView]
  .PR1  OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Purged Message File
  .PR2  Persuasion Presentation
        dBase IV Printer Driver
        Proteus Session (personal light and sound stimulation system)
  .PR3  dBase IV PostScript Printer Driver
        Aldus Persuasion Presentation
  .PRB  xyALGEBRA File
  .PRC  Palmpilot Resource File [File Format]
        Picture Gear Pocket  [XnView]
  .PRD  Printer Driver
  .PRE  Freelance Presentation
        MS Programmer's WorkBench Settings
  .PREFS  Preferences File (various)
  .PRF  Preferences File (various)
        dBase IV Printer Driver
        Monarch Portable Report File (data mining)
        Profiler Output
        PICS Rules File
        Polychrome Recursive Format  [XnView]
        Fastgraph Pixel Run Format Grahics
  .PRG  Program File (various)
        OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Purged Message File
        WAVmaker Program
        Atari Program
        SHARP MZ-series Emulator File
        SpecEm Snapshot
  .PRI  LocoScript Printer Definitions
        Prisms  [XnView]
  .PRJ  Project File (various)
        3D Studio File
        HitPlayer Advanced Playlist File
        Monarch File (data mining)
  .PRK  Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Saved Park
        CampgroundMaster/ResortMaster Database
  .PRL  Process Revolution Object Library File (Diagrams, Process Maps, Flow Charts)
  .PRM  Parameter File
  .PRN  Printer Text File (various)
        HP Printer Control Language [SwiftView]
        DataCAD Windows Printer File
        XYWrite Printer Driver
        PostScript File
  .PRO  Guitar Chord File [On-line Guitar Archive]
        PROLOG Program File
        Creamware Pulsar Audio File
        Sid Meier's SimGolf
  .PRP  Palace Prop File
        InstantDB Database File
  .PRS  Printer Resource File
        WordPerfect Printer Resource Font File
        dBase Procedure
        Harvard File (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
  .PRT  Printer  Configuration (various)
        Printer-formatted File
        SCEdit Part File (Roland Sound Canvas sound modules; MIDI-related)
        Unigraphics Part File (CAD modeling data)
        CADKEY Part File
        Pro/ENGINEER Model File
        Associated with the W32/Parrot-A worm; particularly if found in the
          Windows directory along with .EXE files of the same root name.
        Process Revolution Template File (Diagrams, Process Maps, Flow Charts)
  .PRV  PsiMail Internet Provider Template
        Previous Version (used for files that change)
  .PRX  Foxpro Compiler Program
        Process Revolution Diagram File (Diagrams, Process Maps, Flow Charts)
  .PRZ  Freelance Graphics 97 File
  .PS   PostScript  [Ghostscript]  [XnView]
  .PSB  Pinnacle Sound Bank
        Project Scheduler Configuration File
  .PSD  Photoshop Format  [XnView] [IrfanView]
        Apple Viewer File
        DESIGN II for Windows General Flowsheet (Refining Process Simulation)
  .PSE  IBM Printer Page Segment Bitmap  [XnView]
  .PSF  Chiwriter PostScript Printer Font
        PhotoStudio Graphic  [XnView]
  .PSH  Punch Home Design Series CAD Data File
  .PSI  PSION A-law Audio
  .PSM  Turbo Pascal Symbol Table
        Protracker Studio Module Format
        Epic Games Sound Data
        SolidEdge CAD File
        PrintShop Mail (desktop publishing)
  .PSMDOC  PrintShop Mail (desktop publishing)
  .PSMODEL  Delcam Powershape (3D CAD)
  .PSN  Post-itŪ Software Notes
  .PSP  PaintShop Pro Image  [XnView] [IrfanView]
        Project Scheduler Planning File
        Prodea Synergy Procedure
  .PSR  Project Scheduler Resource File
  .PSS  Sony Playstation Game File
        Axialis Screen Saver Producer File
  .PST  MS Outlook Personal Folder File
        Ulead Pattern  [XnView]
  .PSW  WinXP Backup Password File
  .PSX  Dirty Little Helper Chat File
        X-Plorer/X-Ploder, Cheat Machine, etc. Single Game Save
  .PSY  PLD2 System File
        Psychedelic Windows Products
  .PT   Kodak Precision Transform [Download]
        PassMark PerformanceTest File
  .PT3  Harvard Device Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
        PageMaker Template
  .PT4  PageMaker Template
  .PT5  PageMaker Template
  .PTB  Power Tab Guitar Tablature Editor
        PubTach Batch Works Script
  .PTC  NRG Symphonie Patch File
  .PTDB  Peachtree Accounting Database
  .PTH  4D Database Windows Pathname Document
  .PTI  IBM Configurator Configuration
  .PTK  Red Alert 2 File
  .PTM  PolyTracker Music Module
        MS MapPoint Map
        PubTech BatchWorks Macro
  .PTN  PaperPort Thumbnail Images (Hidden file: PPTHUMB.PTN)
  .PTP  Act! Modem Sync File
  .PTR  QMail Qwk Reader Pointer
  .PTS  Infinity Engine Game Tileset
        Halflife Map Creation Debug File
  .PTT  MS MapPoint Template
  .PTX  E-Transcript of Court Proceedings  [Viewer]
  .PUB  PGP Public Key Ring
        Ventura Publisher
        MS Publisher Document
        The Sims (Maxis) Family Data
        Print Perfect Gold Template
  .PUBHTML  MS Publisher HTML Document
  .PUBMHTML  MS Publisher Archived HTML Document
  .PUD  Warcraft II PUD Map  [PUD Browser] [PUD Format]
  .PUF  Puffer Encrypted File (File & E-mail Encryption)
  .PUT  Instalit Script
  .PUZ  Across Lite Crossword Puzzle [FAQ]
        Packed MS Publisher File
  .PVA  Hauppauge DVB-Software
  .PVL  Instalit Library
  .PVS  Scarlett Expert System Compiler Reserved Words File (Scarlett is not presently available)
  .PVT  Local Fidonet Pointlist
  .PW   Professional Write Text File
  .PWA  Password Agent File
  .PWC  COSMI Street Maps and Vacation Planner
  .PWD  Pocket Word Document
        AutoCAD Password File (ACAD.PWD)
        Password Pro File
  .PWF  ProCite Workforms
  .PWI  Notes for Windows CE
  .PWL  Password List
  .PWP  Photoworks Image File
        Professional WritePlus Document
        Seattle Film Works Multi-image File (Actually MGI PhotoSuite File) [Filmworks Viewer] [XnView]
  .PWT  HotDog PageWiz Template
        MS Pocket Word Template File
        Autocad Publish-to-Web Template
  .PWZ  PowerPoint Wizard [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
  .PX   Primary Index
        Paradox Primer Database Index
  .PXA  Pixia Color Painter File [Japanese]  [XnView]
        Pegs  [XnView]
  .PXB  Pixibox  [XnView]
  .PXD  eJay Mixer File
  .PXE  Partial XML Envelope
  .PXI  Pixie File (scalable vector images viewed with an applet)
        Note: The file $$d2k.pxi is associated with a Trojan
  .PXL  Pocket Excel Spreadsheet
  .PXN  PictureWorks PhotoEnhancer Graphic Image (Kodak format not now supported)
  .PXR  Pixar Picture  [XnView]
  .PXS  Pegs  [XnView]
  .PY   PYTHON Script
        Yahoo Saved Messages
        Oracle Batch Procedure
  .PYC  Compiler PYTHON Script
  .PZ2  Curious Labs Poser Pose File
  .PZ3  Curious Labs Poser Document
  .PZA  MGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Album File
  .PZC  GraphPad Prism Script
  .PZD  Pizazz Plus Defaults
  .PZF  GraphPad Prism Project
  .PZL  Puzzle  [XnView]
        Lode Runner Game Puzzle
  .PZM  GraphPad Prism
  .PZO  Pizazz Plus Overlay
  .PZP  Pizazz Plus Palette
        MGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Project File  [XnView]
  .PZS  Pizazz Plus Settings
        MGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Slide Show File
  .PZT  Pizazz Plus Transfer File
        GraphPad Prism Template
  .PZX  Pizazz Plus Swap File
  .PZZ  Curious Labs Compressed Poser File