.??_  Files ending in "_" are often compressed install files of the same
          name (e.g., .EX_ expands to .EXE, .DL_ expands to .DLL, etc.)
  .Q0   Q0 Graphic  [XnView]
  .Q00  Quicken 2000 File
  .Q01  Quicken 2001 File
  .Q1Q  LunarCell Plug-in File
  .Q98  Quicken 98 File
  .Q99  Quicken 99 File
  .Q9Q  BladePro Graphic Plugin File
        SYBYL Binary Field Files
  .QAD  PF QuickArt Document
  .QAG  Norton Desktop Quick Access Group
  .QAP  Omnis Quartz Application File
  .QAX  ExpressTracker Data File
  .QB1  Quicken File
  .QBA  QuickBooks File
  .QBB  QuickBooks for Windows Backup File
  .QBD  Keyboard Layout
  .QBE  Example Query (Query By Example)
        dBase IV Saved Query
        Quattro Pro Saved Query
  .QBL  Business Lawyer Document
  .QBO  dBase IV Ordered Query
  .QBS  MS Quick Basic Program File
  .QBW  QuickBooks for Windows File
        Quicken File
  .QCB  MS Combat Flight Simulator Quick Combat Editor File
  .QCD  QuarkCopyDesk SE
        Cliq Accessories Phonebook Data [Linux Suite PDF Description]
  .QCF  Q-emuLator (a Sinclair QL emulator)
        QuickLogic Constraint File
  .QCH  Quicken for DOS ver 2 Data File
        SSI Dark Queen of Krynn File
  .QCI  Massively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program File
        Cliq Accessories Phonebook Index [Linux Suite PDF Description]
  .QCK  Quick Charts File
        Quick Foram Count File
        VAX CRYSTALS Chemical Crystallogaphy File
        QuickCard File
        Jigsaw 2 Astrological Tool File
  .QCM  3164 Emulator Quick Command File
        QUCM Application File (Link is PDF file) (interface CATERPILLAR CCM devices to POWERLOGIC system)
  .QCP  Qualcomm PureVoice File
  .QCS  CADQC Standard File
  .QCT  Memory-Map File (Navigation software for digital maps)
  .QD   SHARP MZ-series Emulator File
  .QD?  Omnis Quartz Data File Segment (can be 0 to 9)
  .QDAT  Quicktime Installer Cache
  .QDF  Quicken for Windows Data File
  .QDI  Dictionary
        Quicken Data File
  .QDK  Quarterdeck QEMM File
  .QDT  QuickBooks UK Accountancy Data File
        Quicken Data File
        Question Mark Desigener Test File
        Quark Xpress Dictionary File
  .QDV  Steve Blackstock Giffer Graphics File
        Random Dot Software QDV Graphic  [XnView]
  .QEF  Excel Query [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
  .QEL  Quicken Electronic Library File
  .QEM  Expensable Report
  .QEP  IRMA Wordstation for Windows
  .QEX  ExpensAble Data File
  .QFI  QuickTime Image
  .QFL  Family Lawyer Document (Now with Learning Company from Quicken)
  .QFN  QuickTime Font File
  .QFX  Quick Link Fax
  .QIC  Backup Set [Note: People report trouble moving .QIC backup from Win9x to WinXP.
          See the Computer Knowledge QIC page for more info.]
  .QIF  Quicken Interchange Format
        QuickTime Image
  .QIX  Quicken for DOS ver 2 Data File
  .QLB  MS C Quick Library
  .QLC  PostScript Help File
  .QLE  QOOLE (Quake Object Oriented Level Editor)
  .QLF  Family Tree Maker Genealogy File
  .QLP  QuickLink Printer Driver
  .QM   Quality Motion File
  .QM4  QMail Mail Door Option or Services File
  .QMD  Quicken for Windows ver 5,6 Data File
  .QML  Quicken for DOS ver 2 Data File
  .QMR  OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Quickscan History
  .QMT  Quicken Memory List
  .QN2  QuickNote File
  .QNA  High ASCII Quake Name Maker
  .QNC  Cliq Accessories Notepad Customization [Linux Suite PDF Description]
  .QND  Cliq Accessories Notepad Data [Linux Suite PDF Description]
  .QNI  Cliq Accessories Notepad Index [Linux Suite PDF Description]
  .QNM  High ASCII Quake Name Maker
  .QNT  Chromeleon Quantification Method
  .QNX  Quicken Indexes
  .QPB  Quicken Payroll File
  .QPD  QP Software Dynamic Plug-in (expected web release 1 Mar 2002)
  .QPR  OS/2 Printer Queue Driver
        Foxpro Relational Query
  .QPS  QP Software Application File (expected web release 1 Mar 2002)
  .QPW  Quattro Pro Project File
  .QPX  Foxpro Ordered Query
  .QQT  Quick Qard Technology Qardware Definition File
  .QRD  BI/Query Query Result (used to be Andyne GQL)
  .QRP  Centura Report Builder File
        Liberty for Windows Report File
        Dosh Software File
  .QRS  WordPerfect Equation Editor
  .QRT  QRT Ray Tracing Graphic  [XnView]
  .QRY  dBase IV Query
        MS Query
        BI/Query Query
  .QS9  OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Scan Result File
  .QSC  Pxyl Visuals Chart
  .QSD  Quicken for Windows Data File
  .QSL  OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Forum Quickscan List
  .QSM  QuadriSpace Model Format File (2D/3D presentations)
  .QST  Quake Spy Tab File
  .QT   Quicktime Video
  .QTC  Incite Media Assistant File
  .QTF  Qtracker Filter (parameters used to filter music or game servers)
  .QTI  QuickTime Image  [XnView]
  .QTIF  QuickTime Image  [XnView]
  .QTK  Apple Quicktake File (PICT variant created by Quicktake 100/150 camera. Quicktime player needs QuickTake driver to show.)
  .QTL  Quicktime Movie
  .QTM  QuickTime Movie
  .QTMP  Qtracker Mapshot Pack (images of game levels)
  .QTP  QuickTime Preferences
        Astra Quicktest Report
  .QTPF  QuickTime PreFlight Text
  .QTPP  Qtracker Program Package (Used to distribute updates)
  .QTS  Macintosh PICT Image
        QuickTime Image
  .QTSK  Qtracker Skin (PlayerWatch skin file)
  .QTW  QText File (mixed English/Hebrew)
  .QTX  QuickTime Image
  .QUE  Task Scheduler Queue Object
        CuteFTP Queue File
  .QUICKEN  Quicken Spreadsheet
  .QVM  Quake File (UI.QVM or GAGAME.QVM in VM directory)
  .QW   Symantec Q&A Write Program File  [Support]
  .QW5  Quicken 5 File
  .QW6  Quicken 6 File
  .QWB  MS Money Quotes WriteBack Import File
  .QWK  QWK Reader Message File
  .QWP  Quiptics Puzzle File
  .QXB  Quark Xpress Books File
  .QXD  Quark Xpress File
  .QXL  Quark Xpress Element Library
  .QXT  Quark Xpress Template File