.??_  Files ending in "_" are often compressed install files of the same
          name (e.g., .EX_ expands to .EXE, .DL_ expands to .DLL, etc.)
  .W    Applause Word Chart
        Progress Database File
  .W??  Divided Compressed File (?? = 01 to 99; used when installs needed to be on individual floppy disks)
  .W14  Genesis 2000 File
  .W30  Ventura Printer Font
  .W31  Windows 3.1 Startup File
  .W3D  Black Belt Systems Ray Trace Control File
  .W40  Win95 Backup File
  .W44  dBase Temporary File
  .W64  Sonic Foundry Video Editor Wave64 File
  .WAB  MS Outlook Address Book [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
  .WAD  Doom Game File [WAD Editor]  [Dragon UnPACKer]
          (Also used for other games)
        Gunman Chronicle Archive  [Dragon UnPACKer]
        Half Life Archive  [Dragon UnPACKer]
        Heretic Archive  [Dragon UnPACKer]
        Hexen Archive  [Dragon UnPACKer]
        Quake Archive  [Dragon UnPACKer]
        Theme Park World Archive  [Dragon UnPACKer]
        Half-Life Texture File
  .WAF  Mayim's WAF Compiler File (3D content for display in Walkabout plug-in)
  .WAG  Urban Chaos Saved Game File
  .WAL  WalMaster Showlist File
        Quake 2 Texture File  [XnView]
  .WAR  Archived Konqeror (KDE) HTML Page
        Java Web Archive
  .WAS  Procomm Plus Script Source Code File
  .WAV  Waveform Audio (PCM Wave)  [IrfanView]
        SHARP MZ-series Emulator File
  .WAX  Procomm Plus Compiled Script File
        Metafile (points to Windows Media Video [.WMA] file)
  .WB   Dictionary Project Data File
  .WB1  QuattroPro for Windows
  .WB2  QuattroPro for Windows
  .WB3  QuattroPro for Windows
  .WBA  Winace Zip File
        WindowBlinds Compressed Skin (changes the look and feel of WindowsXP)
  .WBC  Webshots Picture Collection (library)
  .WBD  Webshots Graphic Format
  .WBF  Windows Batch File
  .WBI  White Blotter, Inc. Advanced Code Editor
  .WBK  Word Backup [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
        WordPerfect Workbook
  .WBL  Argo WebLoad II Upload File
  .WBM  Webmin Module (Linux)
        WinBatch File
        Wireless Bitmap File (WML-related file) [Tutorial]
        Macromedia Fireworks File
  .WBMP  Wireless Bitmap File (WML-related file) [Tutorial]
         Macromedia Fireworks File
  .WBR  Crick WordBar File
  .WBS  WebExpress Website File
        WinBot IRC Client Script
        Webshots Screensaver
  .WBT  WinBatch Script
        Crick Wordbar Template
  .WBX  Webigger File
  .WBZ  WebShots File
  .WCD  WordPerfect Macro Token List
  .WCFG  WildTangent Configuration
  .WCI  Catalog File Maintained by MS Indexing Service (CATALOG.WCI)
  .WCM  Works File Transmission
        WordPerfect Macro
  .WCP  WordPerfect Product Info
  .WCS  Website Content Source
  .WCT  WorldCast Project
  .WD2  WordExpress Document
        Info Select for Palm Organizer File
  .WDA  RUMBAŽ OFFICE 95/N Configuration File
  .WDAT  WildTangent Data File
  .WDB  Works Database
  .WDF  Workshare DeltaView DeltaFile (difference between two documents)
  .WDK  WhizFolder Desktop File
  .WDL  Windows XP Watchdog Log File
        3D Game Studio Window Definition File (this one is free)
        3D GameStudio World Definition Language File (this one you pay for)
  .WDR  Star Wars - Tie Fighter Media
  .WEB  Web Vector Graphic File
        Corel Xara Web Document
        XaraX Web Document
  .WEBPNP  MS Support for Internet Printing
  .WF1  EViews Workfile (Econometric software)
  .WFA  WinFax Pro Archive
  .WFB  Turtle Beach WaveFront Bank
  .WFD  Turtle Beach WaveFront Drum Set
  .WFL  Ultimus Workflow Suite Workflow File
  .WFM  dBase Form Designer Form Object
  .WFN  Corel Symbols and Fonts
  .WFP  Turtle Beach WaveFront Program
  .WFS  Windows Installation Script
  .WFX  Winfax Data File
  .WG1  Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet
  .WG2  Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet
  .WGF  WaterGuide File (Decision Support System Water Reuse)
  .WGP  Wild Board Games File
  .WGS  WGS File Generator Web Segment File
  .WGT  Worms Armageddon Teams File
  .WHT  MS NetMeeting Old Whiteboard Document
  .WI   Wavelet Image (different compression for JPEG) [Info resource]
  .WIC  wIntegrate File
        J Wavelet Image Codec  [XnView]
  .WID  Ventura Width Table
  .WIF  Weaving Information Format
        Wavelet Image File
        Wang Image File (fax related usually)
  .WIL  Windows Interface Language Script
        WinImage File (Floppy and disk imager)
  .WIN  dBase or Foxpro Window
        Wonderware InTouch Window
        Windows Backup File
        Normalised Extinction Corrected Differential Photometry with Tapered Ends
  .WINI  WildTangent Configuration File
  .WINWARE  WinWare Windows Applet (general purpose mini-applications)
  .WIP  Windows Installer Project (opens with MS Visual Studio Installer)
  .WIRE  Alias Wavefront Studio Wireframe
  .WIS  wIntegrate Basic Script File
  .WIZ  Wizard File [MS Publisher and Word]
  .WJP  WildTangent Branded .JPG File
  .WK!  Lotus Spreadsheet File
  .WK1  Lotus Spreadsheet File
  .WK3  Lotus Spreadsheet File
  .WK4  Lotus Spreadsheet File
  .WKB  WordPerfect Document
  .WKB  Workbook
  .WKE  Lotus Educational Version Spreadsheet File
  .WKQ  Quattro Spreadsheet
  .WKS  Lotus Spreadsheet File
        XLISP Workspace
        MS Works Spreadsheet
  .WKZ  Compressed Spreadsheet
  .WL   WISCO Word Power (Vocabulary Activities)
  .WL1  File for Shareware Version of Wolfenstein 3D
  .WL6  File for Registered Version of Wolfenstein 3D
  .WLD  REND386/AVRIL File
  .WLF  Argo WebLoad I Upload File
  .WLG  Dr. Watson Log
  .WLK  Virtus Walkthrough Graphics
  .WLL  Word Add-in [Buy Office XP at Shop.Microsoft]
        The Sims (Maxis) Wall Texture File
  .WLM  CompW  [XnView]
  .WLR  VRML Page
  .WLS  602 pro PC SUITE Worksheet File
  .WLT  eWallet File
        WaveL Wavelet Compressed Graphic
        Words of Worship Liturgy (song projection software)
  .WLV  Web Link Validator File
  .WLZ  WinImage File (Floppy and disk imager)
  .WM   Windows Media A/V File
  .WMA  Windows Media File (contains audio)
  .WMC  WordPerfect Macro
        Wordmarc Text File
        Windows MathCad Startup File Backup
  .WMD  Windows Media Download File (compatible with Windows Media Player 7 or later)
  .WMF  Windows Metafile  [IrfanView]
  .WML  Wireless Markup Language File (HTML file for wireless devices)
  .WMN  DART Pro 98 Playlist
  .WMP  MS JScript Proxy Auto-Configuration
        Windows Media Player File
  .WMS  Windows Media Skin File (compatible with Windows Media Player 7 or later)  [Also see]
  .WMV  Windows Media File (contains both video and audio)
  .WMX  Audio Playlist
        Windows Media Player A/V Shortcut
  .WMZ  Windows Media Compressed Skin File (compatible with Windows Media Player 7 or later)  [Also see]
  .WN   Write Now Text File
  .WNF  Corel Outline Font
  .WNS  PrintShop Newsletter
  .WO4  STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .WO7  STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .WOA  Windows Swap File
  .WOC  Windows OrgChart Organization
  .WOR  MapInfo Workspace
        STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
  .WOS  Words of Worship Output Settings (song projection software)
  .WOT  WebEx Saved Meeting Movie
  .WOV  Cakewalk Home Studio Picture Cache Clip File
  .WOW  Grave Composer Music Module
  .WP   WordPerfect Document File
  .WP4  WordPerfect Document File
  .WP5  WordPerfect Document File
  .WP6  WordPerfect Document File
  .WPA  ACT! Word Processor File (.WPA and .WPD used for different versions)
  .WPD  WordPerfect Screen Driver or Document
        602 pro PC SUITE Document File
        ACT! Word Processor File (.WPA and .WPD used for different versions)
  .WPF  WordPerfect Text File
        Enable Document
        WorldPort Fax
  .WPG  WordPerfect/Drawperfect Graphics
        WildTangent Branded .PNG File
  .WPI  WCPUID Plug-in (WCPUID confirms reliability of presentation data by CRC code)
  .WPJ  W32Dasm Project File
  .WPK  Keyboard
        WordPerfect Macros
  .WPL  Words of Worship Playlist (song projection software)
  .WPM  WordPerfect Macro
  .WPS  Works Text Document
  .WPT  WordPerfect Template
        602 pro PC SUITE Template Document File
  .WPW  PerfectWorks Document
        WordPerfect Document
  .WPX  Adobe printer Information File (Usually found in C:\Windows)
  .WQ!  Compressed Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
  .WQ1  Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
  .WQ2  Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
  .WR!  Compressed Lotus Spreadsheet
  .WR1  Symphony Spreadsheet File
  .WRAP  MediaForge Runtime Player
  .WRD  Charisma Template
  .WRF  WebEx Recording (MS Office add-in for meetings, etc.)
  .WRI  Write Document (Use WordPad to open)
  .WRK  Spreadsheet File
        Cakewalk Music Project File
  .WRL  Plain Text VRML File  [VRML]
  .WRML  Plain Text VRML File  [VRML]
  .WRP  Amiga Compressed Archive File
  .WRS  WordPerfect Windows Printer Driver
  .WRT  IBM Writing Assistant File (DOS Application)
  .WRX  Progress Database File
  .WRZ  GNUZIP Compressed VRML File  [VRML]
  .WS   WordStar Document
        SmartWare Worksheet (requires login)
        Hummingbird Exceed File
        IBM iSeries Client Access File
  .WS1  WordStar for Windows 1 Document
  .WS2  WordStar for Windows 2 Document
  .WS3  WordStar for Windows 3 Document
  .WS4  WordStar for Windows 4 Document
  .WS5  WordStar for Windows 5 Document
  .WS6  WordStar for Windows 6 Document
  .WS7  WordStar for Windows 7 Document
  .WSA  Animation Shop Workspace
  .WSAD  WildTangent Actor Definition
  .WSBM  WildTangent Material File
  .WSC  Windows Script Component
  .WSD  WordStar Data File
        EROSION 3D Watershed [Format (pdf)]
  .WSDL  Web Services Description Language File (used by XML applications)
  .WSE  Wise File
  .WSF  Windows Script File [WinForce]
  .WSG  Words of Worship Song (song projection software)
  .WSGO  WildTangent Mesh and UVW Mapping File
  .WSH  Windows Script Host Settings File
  .WSM  SMS Installer Working File
  .WSMO  WildTangent Motion File
  .WSP  Chromeleon Wordspace
        Paint Shop Pro Workspace
        Fortran PowerStation Workspace  [FORTRAN]
        Whisper 32 Password Manager
  .WSQ  Wavelet-packet Scalar Quantization
  .WSR  FirstStop WebSearch File
  .WST  WordStar Text File
  .WSX  WinMX Filesharing Program
  .WSZ  WinAmp Skin Zip File
  .WT   WildTangent Branded .X 3D Model
  .WT2  WordExpress Document Template
  .WTX  ASCII Text File
  .WTXT  WildTangent Branded .TXT File
  .WV   WavPack Lossless Audio Compression
  .WVE  Component of a DIVX Movie Conversion
        Psion Series 3a/3c/3mx Waveform Sound File  [Player]
  .WVL  Wavelet Compressed Bitmap
  .WVX  Metafile (points to Windows Media Video [.WMV] file)
  .WWB  WordPerfect Button Bar
  .WWK  WordPerfect Keyboard Layout
  .WWL  Word Add-in File
  .WWP  Worms World Party Teams File
  .WWS  AutoRoute User Information
  .WWV  WildTangent Branded .WAV File
  .WXB  EXP: The Scientific Word Processor
  .WXP  EXP: The Scientific Word Processor Document
  .WXS  Easy Cross File (cross stitch design)
  .WZB  Librarian of OZ Sharp Book Viewer Add-on
  .WZD  Sharp Organizer Program or Data File
  .WZG  WZebra File
  .WZN  WhizFolder Document