.??_  Files ending in "_" are often compressed install files of the same
          name (e.g., .EX_ expands to .EXE, .DL_ expands to .DLL, etc.)
  .Z    Compressed Archive File
  .Z??  WinZip Split Compressed Archive (?? is a number from 01 upward)
  .Z#   Frotz Z-Code Game
  .Z0   ZoneAlarm File
  .Z1   ZoneAlarm File
  .Z3   Infocom Game Module
  .Z64  Nintendo 64 Emulator
  .Z80  ZX Spectrum Emulator
        Z80 Snapshot [Format]
  .ZA?  (? = A, B, C,...) Output of the UNIX SPLIT Utility (portions of a file)
  .ZAP  FileWrangler Compressed File (only used in beta)
        MS Windows Software Installation Settings
  .ZARGO  Poseidon UML CE/SE Diagram
  .ZAX  Z-Axis 3-D Office Design Software
  .ZBA  Compressed File Run Through UNIX COMPRESS and BTOA Utilities
  .ZBD  MechWarrior 3 Snow Fields File
        Canon ZoomBrowser Database File
        Zebedee Encrypted File
  .ZBF  Z-Buffer Radiance File
  .ZC   Zipkey Configuration File
  .ZCH  ZIG File (ZIG Game Construction Kit)
  .ZDB  Wonder Word Data File
  .ZDF  Z-Firm Document Folder
  .ZDG  ZView Compressed Document
  .ZDP  ZDNet Password Pro 32  (My Passwords.zdp)
  .ZEI  ANNO 1602 Game
  .ZER  Zerberus File
  .ZFS  C++ Assembly Source
        Z-Firm File Stub
        Interstate '76 Archive  [Dragon UnPACKer]
        Interstate '82 Archive  [Dragon UnPACKer]
  .ZFSENDTOTARGET  Compressed Folder SendTo Target File
  .ZGM  ZenoGraphics File
  .ZHP  Zipped SwiftView File
  .ZID  Z-Firm ID
  .ZIG  ZIG Game File (ZIG Game Construction Kit)
  .ZIM  PagePath Technologies Compressed Mac File
  .ZIP  Compressed Archive File
  .ZL?  ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed File
        ZoneAlarm Mailsafe will quarantine mail attachments and changes
        their extension. The conversions are: .ADE to .ZL0, .ADP to .ZL1
        .BAS to .ZL2, .BAT to .ZL3, .CHM to .ZL4, .CMD to .ZL5, .COM to
        .ZL6, .CPL to .ZL7, .CRT to .ZL8, .EXE to .ZL9, .HLP to .ZLA,
        .HTA to .ZLB, .INF to .ZLC, .INS to .ZLD, .ISP to .ZLE, .JS to Z0,
        .JSE to .ZLF, .LNK to .ZLG, .MDB to .ZLH, .MDE to .ZLI, .MSC to
        .ZLJ, .MSI to .ZLK, .MSP to .ZLL, .MST to .ZLM, .PCD to .ZLN,
        .PIF to .ZLO, .REG to .ZLP, .SCR to .ZLQ, .SCT to .ZLR, .SHS to
        .ZLS, .URL/.ASP to .ZLT, .VB to .Z1, .VBE to .ZLU, .VBS to .ZLV,
        .WSC to .ZLW, .WSF to .ZLX, .WSH to .ZLY [Documentation]
  .ZLX  Atlantis Ocean Mind Word Processing File
  .ZM?  ZSNES Movie (? = number of the movie)
  .ZMF  Zoner Draw File
  .ZMK  Z-Up Maker Project File
  .ZMV  ZSNES Movie File
  .ZOM  Amiga Compressed Archive File
  .ZOO  Compressed Archive File
        Zoo Tycoon Game File
  .ZPK  Z-Firm Package
  .ZPL  ZIG File (ZIG Game Construction Kit)
  .ZRS  MS Hearts Game File
  .ZSK  Embroidery Machine Stitch File  (VeePro) [possibly read with Melco Sizer Software]
  .ZSR  Form*Z Temporary Save File  ($$$FMZ$$$.ZSR)
  .ZTE  E-Tabs Reader File
  .ZVD  ZyXEL Voice File
  .ZW   Chinese
  .ZX   KGB Shapshot [Format]
  .ZX82  Speculator '97 Shapshot [Format]
  .ZXS  ZX32 Shapshot (unrelated to ZXS tape format) [Format]
  .ZZT  ZZT Game Creation System [File Format]